The C9 Detox And What It Did For Me

The C9 Detox And What It Did For Me

These days the market is saturated with fantastic detox plans, promising to cleanse your body of all its sins. The options are endless - a liver cleanse, a juice cleanse, the ten-day green smoothie cleanse, a colon cleanse. Undecided the final one's for me however whatever floats your boat...

After all, some medical experts declare there isn't a such thing as 'detoxing'. In medical phrases diet and exercise is the only solution to get healthy. Go on a seven day detox eating regimen and sure, you may most likely lose weight, however that's nothing to do with toxins, it is because you'd have starved your self for a week.

Well, after a stunning summer time of overindulgence, I made a decision to attempt a detox for the first time in my life. Not solely was I looking for some weight reduction, but I wanted to take control of my eating habits, which had slipped into a slightly bad state. Stealing from my children's Haribo stash on a daily basis when my energy ranges have been low, was not making me feel good about myself. Not only was I getting fed up with my lack of self control, but the old muffin top does nothing for one's self-esteem.

A few associates had been about to embark on a detox called C9 (Clear clean 9 diet) and with this readymade support group, I decided to sign up.

The low calorie plan lasts nine days, therefore the name, and centres round day by day doses of Aloe Vera gel, meal substitute shakes, weight reduction supplements and lots and many water.

Days one and include several Aloe Vera gel 'photographs' as we liked to call them, if only in a useless try to increase their appeal. The consistency shouldn't be dissimilar to semen I'm led to imagine, though I personally would not know - honest Mum.

You also take herbal supplements and one meal alternative shake (vanilla or chocolate) which are really rather tasty, but then what wouldn't be when no strong meals has passed your lips for 48 hours.

This sounds extreme, but strangely those first days didn't damage me the most. I was enjoying being told exactly what to do by my C9 every day guide. Personally I am a sucker for a rule book. There is no room for confusion or selections as there really are none, besides choosing your 600 calorie meal which you are allowed from day three onwards.

You are encouraged to only weigh in and take your measurements on days one, three, six and nine. This stopped me obsessing over the scales, and the 5 pound weight loss I noticed on day three spurred me on.

Days three and 4 have been my low point. Headaches, low energy and irritability made me wonder what on earth I used to be doing this for. It definitely made my household ask the same question. I really barked at my children for simply moving too much. The Husband was begging me to eat something, which is a primary I've to say. I suspect the prospect of this grumpy, teetotal, non-eating psychopath for six more days was not terribly appealing.